Ron and I teach at the Teatro Tirso in Rome to give voice to ALS patients

There are still many people to whom a disease, such as the Sla, ‘steals’ the voice, forcing them to speak with the cold timbre of a vocal synthesizer. To restore a ‘human voice’ to patients affected by neurodegenerative disease, one of the most disabling (reduces life expectancy, also causing a gradual and progressive motor disability), Aisla – The Italian Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association, together with NemoLab, a technological center of excellence for research and innovation on neuromuscular diseases, and the Nemo Clinical Centers, is launching the campaign ‘My Voice‘: a voice banking and voice donation project Voice for Purpose.

The initiative will be presented today, December 2, at 5.30 pm at the Teatro Tirso de Molina in Rome (via Tirso 89). The event will also be attended by two testimonial artists of the project, the actor and voice actor Pino I teach and the songwriter Ronwhose voices are a wonderful art tool and a gift of emotions for the public, underline the organizers.