Ronca Beats, a song to teach children about prevention

It is available digitally Ronca Beats, a fun and educational song that promotes health and prevention, destined to become a catchphrase and also designed to be easily taught in schools to children. It was born from an intuition of the doctor Marisa Roncati, graduated in Classics, Dentistry and Dental Hygiene, who devised the protocol RONCA (Reduction Of New Contagious Aerosol) which suggests cleaning the eyes, nose and mouth frequently to prevent infection by viruses and bacteria, with the support of Elisabetta Sgarbi Foundation.

The song Ronca Beats, made with the help of the producer Giangi Cappai, promotes the simple cleansing moves suggested by the protocol, thanks to an immediate English text:

“Step 1 / wipe your eyes so the virus can’t get inside

Step 2 / clean your nose virus got nowhere to hide

Step 3 / clean your mouth and teeth and we got this virus beat

You and I gonna stay virus free “.

In order for the simple advice of the protocol to reach as many people as possible, a video was also created that collects the testimony of over 100 friends, colleagues and patients of the Doctor from all over the world and of all ages. In this pandemic time, many more people have learned to wash and disinfect their hands frequently. Studies and clinical experience have led to the Marisa Roncati to affirm that it is important to add to this correct behavior further preventive measures, such as cleansing the eyes, nose and mouth.

The protocol RONCA, supported by the Elisabetta Sgarbi Foundation, it only requires three fragments of gauze soaked in physiological solution or 0.12% chlorhexidine (also available on the market in disposable packs) that gently cleanse the eyelids, nostrils and oral cavity. In particular, prevention in the oral cavity it should take place daily as a mouthwash rinse is not sufficient to remove the biofilm, but scrubbing maneuvers must be performed. The Elisabetta Sgarbi Foundation contributed to finance in vitro studies, in collaboration with Professor E. Caselli, at the Department of Microbiology of the University of Ferrara, to evaluate the effectiveness of this method in reducing infections of the oral cavity, and awarded the scholarship study / Culture Award “The importance of oral health for general health” to a researcher of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Ferrara. The protocol RONCA it is easy to perform and is suitable for everyone, including children. Hence, the intuition to create a song that makes it a viral practice. Ronca Beats is written and produced by Giangi Cappai and sung by Nia Martin.