Roncari: “From the new Lacchiarella gas plant and 20,000 tons of fertilizer per year”

Inaugurated in the center of Giussago-Lacchiarella, the new treatment and recovery plant for the organic fraction of urban waste built by A2A. In addition to the CEO of the Group, Renato Mazzoncini, also present the CEO of A2A Ambiente, Fulvio Roncari: “Group 2A serves just under 4 million inhabitants in Lombardy with the collection of approximately 300,000 tons of organic fraction per year with separate waste collection – Roncari highlights – The plant was designed for the aerobic and anaerobic treatment of waste.

With the anaerobic treatment it will produce 8 million cubic meters of methane every year, exactly identical to the fossil methane we import from abroad, and about 20,000 tons of certified fertilizer that can be used in agriculture ”.

Roncari is keen to underline how the plant will allow for the appropriate treatment of organic waste, in full compliance with the principles of the circular economy: “Thanks to this plant, a waste generates two new products that are particularly useful at this time. Not only gas, but also fertilizer which, in terms of desertification of agricultural areas, is very important. An overall positive environmental impact and a perfect example of a circular economy “.