Rosa Chemical: “I was sorry to read Renato Zero’s words, I have always respected him”

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After the events that took place on the Ariston stage (and in the audience), Rosa Chemical is on everyone’s lips, even on that of Renato Zero.

The famous Roman singer expressed himself critically towards his young colleague, whose fame exploded after the last Sanremo Festival. “It’s serious putting people on stage without preparation”, said Renato Zero in a meeting with young people held in Milan and in an interview with FQ Magazine.

The legend of Italian music wanted to make a premise: “When I open social networks I realize I have an impressive number of doubles! I think there should be an opportunity to get out of these tricks. The boys should be more ready today, before being sent into jeopardy. But the guarantee is that the original always wins”.
Zero then added: “It’s not Rosa Chemical’s fault, but the distraction of those who think this is an improvised profession. The problem belongs to those who broadcast it because they believe that music is just performance, a wishful thinking. As long as this mentality exists, I absolve these guys, but sending people who don’t have the right preparation onto the stage, not being able to find an identity, is a serious matter. We had a team of professionals behind us who followed us in music, but not only”.

For his part, the twenty-five-year-old singer-songwriter Rosa Chemical, born Manuel Franco Rocati, commented with regret on the words of his idol Renato Zero. Guest in the television lounge of Mara Venier, a Sunday Inhe said sorry, underlining once again the esteem he has for the Roman singer.

The Rosa Chemical Reaction

On February 19, during the last episode of Sunday InRosa Chemical was a guest of Mara Venier.
Speaking of his first time at the Ariston, the singer from Rivoli said: “It was an intense, demanding period, full of love”.
The artist states that he is still feeling a strong emotion for everything connected to the Sanremo kermesse: “I’m still excited, I’m not realizing what happened”, he told Mara Venier, answering the question if he had estimated the enormous success that came after his participation in the Festival.
“Let’s say it’s the goal we’ve been working towards, I didn’t expect this understanding, this love towards me, I’m welcoming it with all my positivity,” he said.

Rosa Chemical then spoke of the statements of Renato Zero, who seems to resent the fact that the twenty-five-year-old artist has not explicitly declared that he has a style inspired by him. “I have great admiration (for Renato Zero). I mentioned him in all the interviews I gave, I have great esteem for Renato, I was sorry to read those things,” said Rosa Chemical.

The provocative side of Rosa Chemical

Mara Venier then addressed the question of the young singer’s provocations, who replied as follows: “I too feel the duty to continue, without disrespecting anyone. There has been a lot of talk, I didn’t do it to make people talk about me, I had a message to send, if then someone gets scandalized I can’t do anything”.
Regarding the criticisms in Parliament, the musician says: “To those who don’t want me in Sanremo I wish love”.

Returning to his experience in Sanremo, he concludes with the following words: “I arrived when I had no idea what could happen, I arrived there without expectations, after the first performance I saw all the love that came to me, I was in shock, I had a moment of hysterical crying, half an hour I vented all the tensions of the previous months. I haven’t had any less beautiful moments, more difficult the evening before the first performance, I had a bit of a breakdown”.

Renato Zero’s tour is about to begin

The Roman singer-songwriter is about to go back on tour with “Da Zero a Zero – A challenge in music”. He will perform throughout Italy starting next March 7, after the concerts at the Circus Maximus last autumn, with 100,000 spectators.
“I’m back with a new tour through which I will look inside to see if in all these years maybe I have forgotten to do something. It will be an opportunity to come to terms with myself. The dressing room is my sacristy because it is where I concentrate and get ready,” said Renato Zero. “The stage, on the other hand, is the constant verification that I haven’t changed, that I haven’t betrayed and that I always like to meet my audience”.

Renato Zero said no to Amadeus

Just to prepare for his upcoming tour, the Roman singer declined Amadeus’ invitation to participate as a super guest in Sanremo.
“I was busy with the preparation of my tour, I just didn’t have the time,” explained Zero, who, however, appeared surprisingly to You’ve Got Mail on Canale 5 on the Saturday of the final evening of Sanremo. But he justified himself in this way: “Before going to the Festival you have to prepare all the artillery, while to go to Maria’s you just need to wear a suit and a shiny shoe with a heel, it’s less demanding. I also have to honestly say to the company and Maria that the fact that Mediaset has decided to send me into the trenches, I found a little out of place. In any case, if next year I’m invited again to go to the Sanremo Festival, I’ll think about it. Gino Paoli moved me, that moment was really touching”.