Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro announced happy news

rosalia and rauw alejandro They are one of the most famous couples of recent times. The Spanish singer is the owner of unparalleled talent and a charisma that sets her apart, while the Puerto Rican artist performs successfully not only on stage but is also an actor, composer, dancer, and producer.

Rosalia posing. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

In social networks they are also positioned among the most chosen. rosalia He has more than 23.5 million followers to whom he offers postcards of his presentations, his trips and photo sessions loaded with sensuality. Her boyfriend has more than 16.1 million fans and his account instagram is nourished by images and videos of their professions.

Rauw Alejandro posing. Source: Instagram @rauwalejandro

In the middle of their tours, or when they are simply traveling, the famous artists drive their audience crazy with their personalities and their most eccentric looks. Together they become dynamite for the paparazzi who do everything possible to photograph them because the repercussions are guaranteed.

Happy news for his fans.

This Monday, rosalia and rauw alejandro They revolutionized social networks with a happy and expected news. After a long time of waiting, they announced that they will jointly launch an EP made up of three songs. “RR 24/marzo” is the writing that accompanies two images that they deposited on Instagram.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro posing. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

Two black letters R, hand-painted on a red background, give an account of the project that will be released on March 24. “We have been together in the studio, as you know. We’ll see,” Rosalía had pointed out last November, when asked about the possibility of recording with her boyfriend rauw alejandro.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s project. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

The news was well received by his followers who did not hesitate to leave their likes and comments of support such as “The world falls”, “I fall to the ground”, “Finally”, “This day the internet breaks”, “The best day of my life”, “The collaboration of the year”, “Long live the boyfriends”, “Song or marriage” and “My dream came true”, among others. There are no doubts that many will be counting the days for the expected premiere of rosalia and rauw alejandro.