Rosalía announced a wedding with Rauw Alejandro: this is all we know

the catalan singer rosalia The 30-year-old surprised her fans today not only for the premiere of the song ‘Kiss’ with her boyfriend rauw alejandro but also because in the clip of this song she announced that she is engaged and that she could soon go down the aisle in the middle of a wedding that will remain forever in the hearts of the public.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro They started their relationship in 2021 and in the last three years they have done nothing but consolidate it and now they are confident and determined to make music together. In an interview with Ibai Llanos, they expressed that at first they did not want to “mix business with pleasure”, and that “it was better to lay the foundations of the relationship and then if you have to make music, do it”.

A few hours ago they presented an EP with three songs created together but at the end of the Beso clip, rosalia he wipes his tears of emotion and shows the engagement ring that he gave him rauw alejandro which has a huge diamond in the middle and smaller ones surrounding it in the shape of a triangle.

Rosalia engaged. Source: instagram @rosalia

From the couple’s environment, they comment that rauw alejandro gave this piece of white gold and diamonds to the rosalia on the trip to Japan that they did at the end of the year. In the Beso clip, the couple made a tender compilation of the best moments they had together in these 3 years as boyfriends.

“Vampire” and “Promesas” are the other two songs on this EP that fans of the Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro They celebrate on social networks in addition to filling the publications with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in which they send them good wishes in the next stage they are starting.