Rosalia, the EP RR with Rauw Alejandro is coming soon

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First art project for Rosalia and Rauw Alejandrothat the next March 24th they will come out with the Ep entitled RR. A project particularly appreciated by the fans, which highlights how the two, united in life, have such a great feeling that they have also managed to find the way to an artistic collaboration. The initiative had already been announced in the previous months by the couple, who had shared some shots intogether from one recording studio. What was a supposition, albeit supported by evidence, had then found confirmation in the words of the singer in an interview with Billboard and now the official nature of the project has also arrived, with the communication of the title of the Ep and the release date . The release of a single before the Ep is unlikely but the two are accustomed to many other surprises.

The collaboration between Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia

“As you know, we’ve been in the studio together,” Rosalia told Billboard last November. Words that presaged the couple’s work together, which followed those of Rauw Alejandro last May. In fact, almost a year has passed since the artist had anticipated the collaboration with words full of esteem and love for his fiancée: “What is certain is that we already have some things ready in the studio. Is a surprise. These songs are under lock and key, we are planning a release. Can’t say when yet, but it will be soon. We did it for the love of the fans and well she’s my girlfriend. I can’t imagine any song that was made with more love than these.” The feeling that binds the two is so strong that they have decided to express it in music, sharing it with the fans. Rauw Alejandro is shown to have deep feeling towards Rosalia, an example of how music, work and feeling can coexist and create something important. No anticipation has been provided on the contents but it is foreseeable that all, or part, of the songs will speak of love.

Rauw Alejandro’s words of esteem for Rosalia

The love story between the two was born quietly, without particular proclamations, and the two were able to manage the feeling with great professionalism which then also led them to the collaboration. Like ying and yang, Rauw Alejandro explained that it is between the two Rosalia the one most expert in music, the more capable of the two, offering much of the credit to her other half: “She knows much more about music than me. I’m just a guy from Puerto Rico who makes music based on what he hears. She is a true expert. This is something that helps us a lot in the studio, she adds all her knowledge, I put my madness and my feelings into it ”.