Rosalía took all eyes with the ideal swimsuit for high temperatures

Rosalía is a singer, songwriter, producer, and fashionista who is known for being one of the great artists of the Latin pop genre. Born in Barcelona, ​​she is in her best professional moment and in recent times she has been remembered for her viral choreographies. In addition, she demonstrates how to be fashionable by wearing not only various clothes, but also various types of nails or fashion accessories. On this occasion, she made everyone fall in love with her Instagram account by wearing a swimsuit ideal for high temperatures.

In March 2022 and after more than a year and a half of being in a pandemic, rosalia He released a new album called ‘Motomami’, which became one of the most successful in world music and with which he traveled the world. The Spanish singer included hits like ‘Bizcochito’, ‘Despechá’, among others. For this year, Rolling Stones magazine published what has been the song by the most listened to Spanish artist so far this year.

Rosalía is one of the most successful singers. Source Instagram @rosalia.vt

For some years now rosalia She is in a relationship with fellow composer Rauw Alejandro and together they decided to release ‘RR’, which is made up of three songs where they dedicate all the love they have for each other. One of those songs was cataloged by Rolling Stones as the most listened to and it is ‘Vampires’, whose lyrics speak of an unconditional and immortal mor that both travel.

Beyond standing out in fashion, rosalia She has shown that she is one of the great references in fashion and she does so with several posts on her Instagram account, where she has more than 25 million followers. From Switzerland, the singer from Barcelona published a photo of her where she can be seen enjoying the sea and wearing a swimsuit that is ideal for high temperatures.

Rosalia’s swimsuit. Source Instagram @rosalia.vt

But, it is not the only swimsuit model that rosalia has taught, since in another of her posts, the interpreter of ‘Despechá’, left everyone speechless when she published a photo where she is seen wearing a very tight swimsuit and where she hardly has any clothes. Thus, the Spanish singer confirms that she is one of the prettiest of all.

Rosalía and her photo with which everyone fell in love. Source Instagram @rosalia.vt