Rosario Fiorello, terrible confession: no one would have expected it

Terrible confession of Rosario Fiorello, no one would ever have expected it: have you seen what happened?

We are used to seeing the well-known showman always with a smile, but in his past there is a terrible drama. It was he who told it in a radio interview. He discovered it by chance and had to undergo a very delicate operation.

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The terrible confession of Rosario Fiorello: her creepy story (Source: screen youtube)

Rosario Fiorello, terrible confession

Rosario Fiorello is one of the most loved television characters in Italy. Comedian, singer, television and radio host, in one word: showman. The man is originally from Catania and is the first of four brothers. Everyone will surely know Beppe, Rosario’s brother and famous actor. The sister, on the other hand, Catella, is also a very famous writer.

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flower diet

Fiorello was the protagonist in the last two editions of Sanremo Festival next to friend and colleague Amadeus, conductor and artistic director of the singing event. The public would like the couple again for the next edition. Rai in the meantime has reconfirmed Amadeus for the third consecutive time, while we have no official news on Fiorello.

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We are used to seeing the comedian and showman always with a smile. In his past, however, there is a drama incredible. During a radio interview in the “Periscope” program, Fiorello he confessed to having undergone a delicate operation.

The showman was supposed to have surgery for a back melanoma, but the doctor preferred to take precautions and also checked the other parts of the TV personality’s body. The doctor had Fiorello stripped naked and within minutes he found some moles in the private parts that needed to be operated on.

The comedian thus underwent a delicate operation and obviously his convalescence was also very tiring. Fiorello describes himself as a “gift package”, obviously without abandoning the irony that has always distinguished him.
Fortunately, everything went well, but on that occasion Fiorello wanted to underline the importance of prevention.