Rose Villain brings all his transgression to Red Bull 64 Bars

The protagonist of the first episode of the new season of Red Bull 64 Bars is Rose Villain, with an unreleased song produced by MILES, available on the Red Bull Droppa YouTube channel. A kaleidoscopic track that summarizes all the artistic facets of the author of Radio Gotham, her first album released on January 20th.

At his first Red Bull 64 Bars, Rose Villain demonstrates his versatility and ability to rap on different types of beats, from straight kick to drill. The production of MILES is a concentrate of energy: the union of five different beats in a single track always keeps the listener’s attention high, unable to predict what will happen. In the text, the artist mixes a critique of the rap scene, from machismo to the tendency to put aside the bars when it comes to making the summer hit, to street credibility, femininity, puns and various references to pop culture. Red Bull 64 Bars is the creative challenge par excellence in the hip hop scene, synonymous with great freedom of expression, where MCs and beatmakers are called to collaborate for the creation of a new song of 64 measures without refrains. After the huge success of 2022, Red Bull 64 Bars Live will return to Piazza Ciro Esposito in Scampia, Naples for its second edition.