Roshelle, Melancholia sprouts between hugs and abandonment

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After returning with In the monster’s lairsingle that outlined Roshelle’s new artistic direction, Roshelle presents Melancholia. A delicate song that contains the intensity of an out of the ordinary encounter. The essentiality of the a capella voice of Roshelle, with the only accompaniment produced by the harmonizations of a vocoder and an almost minimalist text are the tools to tell an emotional journey in its essence, without filters, without embellishments or distractions. The artwork was created by Alessandro Malossi.

This is the comment of Roshelle: “I think there are magical people in the world, I’ve met one. An encounter as quick and profound as a needle stuck in the arm by a doctor, like a bee sting: an event that shook the rhythm of life for an instant. An instant of awakening. A moment of strong sensations and then the quiet. The void. Silence. The ecstasy in a painful memory: of an embrace and then an abandonment. “Melancholia” it’s a sad, sweet story of one magical person who stings another.”