Rossobruni of Italy, who are the adherents of Alemanno’s political movement

A round table will be held on 25 and 26 November with Marco Rizzo, Fabio Granata, Francesco Toscano and the former mayor of Rome. Moni Ovadia, initially involved, later withdrew

A new political movement created by Gianni Alemanno, which seems to belong to the so-called red-brown current, is ready to be born, with a round table to be held on 25 and 26 November. Present during these two days, in addition to the former mayor of Rome, Marco Rizzo, honorary president of the Italian Communist Party, Fabio Granata, historic representative of the social right and Francesco Toscano, leader of Italia Sovrana e Popolare and former founder with Diego Fusaro of Vox Italy. Moni Ovadia, however, slipped away, as did former ambassador Elena Basile. In fact, the popular actor, after initially appearing involved in the project, stated that he thought it was a meeting about the war, not the founding event of a new movement.

The forum

“There will be two days of discussion and debate to give birth to a new movement that makes Italy a free and independent nation”, this is how Alemanno on 26 at 11, there will be the round table ‘From the worlds of dissent to the political and social alternative’, with the former mayor of the capital, Marco Rizzo, Francesco Toscano, Fabio Granata and Francesco Borgonovo as moderators. “On the one hand we have a policy armored to say the same things. Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein say the same things on essential issues, on war, on belonging to NATO, on belonging to Europe – says Alemanno -. On the other hand, we must be there to change Italy, to make a real contribution, beyond what the old patterns may be. Italy must take advantage of this exceptional moment, with the birth of the multipolar world, to free itself from old subjections and look towards the future.”

Italian independence

At the end of the month, therefore, Indipendenza Italiana will probably see the light of day, a new formation that will go to the European elections and which aims to attract consensus from those disappointed by FdI and PD. Topics on the table for November 25 are the wars in Ukraine and Israel, as well as Italy’s position towards the United States and a criticism of the current neoliberal model. Topics on which the thoughts of Rizzo, Granata and Alemanno seem to coincide, thus giving life to a third pole, which hopes to obtain the protest votes of the dissatisfied on the right and left.