Rotterdam, no vax protests and clashes: injured and arrests

Police spokesman: “Warning shots fired and direct because it was a life-threatening situation”

It was a night of Rotterdam revolt where a demonstration against the Dutch government’s plan to impose restrictions on the unvaccinated turned into violence, with cars set on fire and stones thrown at police who responded with fire hydrants and fired shots. ‘weapon. “We fired warning shots as well as direct shots because they were life-threatening situations,” said police spokesperson Patricia Wessels, justifying the agents’ actions.

“Dozens of arrests have been carried out and more are expected to be made, about seven people have been injured, including policemen,” continues the police statement that tweeted that the rioters set fires and fired firecrackers. Initial Dutch media reports spoke of at least two protesters injured by police shooting.

The authorities closed the main station of the Dutch city, while riot units from all over the country arrived to put down the revolt. The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, described the uprising as “an orgy of violence, the police had to use weapons to defend themselves”. According to Dutch media, hoolingas from soccer teams’ supporters participated in the revolt.