Rovigo earthquake, new strong shock

Same epicenter as three days ago in the municipality of Ceneselli with magnitude 4.2

Earthquake also today, Saturday 28 October in the province of Rovigo. According to what the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology reports, on X the magnitude would again be 4.2 and the epicenter would also be the same, again in Ceneselli with a depth of 10 kilometers. In recent days, on 25 October, there was another earthquake in the province of Rovigo equal to 4.2 with an epicenter one kilometer from the municipality of Ceneselli.

The point made by the firefighters

“In reference to the 5.29pm earthquake of magnitude 4.2 located in Ceneselli in the province of Rovigo and the following one at 5.35pm of magnitude 2.4 in Salara, at the moment we have not received any requests for help” the firefighters report, explaining that “there ‘It was just a few phone calls from people who said they felt the tremor.”

Fear on social media

“It was dry, strong and fortunately short” writes Marino on social media, recalling that it is the second to hit the same area in a few days. “We also heard it loud and clear from Padua” echoes Silvia who confirms that the area in which it was heard is the same as last Wednesday. “Oh, what a blow, I jumped on the chair” they write from Mirandola.

The shock, this time too, was also distinctly felt in Bologna as confirmed by social users. In this last case too, immediately after the tremors, the Municipality’s technicians examined the data from the sensors on the Garisenda Tower and no significant anomaly was revealed.

“But am I the only crazy person who heard it in Milan too?” asks Sonia, accompanied by numerous comments from other users also from the Lombardy metropolis.