Royal Family, it comes to blows: puzzling episode

Violence in the Royal Family, the situation worsens: since the death of Elizabeth II, it has happened, but it is the latest revelation that is worrying.

The climate is hot, tense and the air is cut with a knife: for the royal family there are hard times. From the death of Queen Elizabeth II it’s like a Pandora’s box has opened from which inconvenient truths they are about to come out. The English Crown has always been subject to media attention, but the avalanche for which it will have to prepare, has gods bitter background to keep under control to better manage the storm that will arrive. The episode of violence is told in the minimal detailsand according to the sources in question, it is 100% true.

Royal Family reunited (Credits: @theroyalfamily)- Sologossip

With the gesture Of violence inside the royal family some family members can be confirmed to have forgotten etiquette and any other royal burdens. The episode was unpublished until before the revelation, and what is most upsetting is not so much the act itself, but when who did it and in what circumstances. For subjects and fans of the English Crown scattered across the globe it will be difficult to accept such an event, but it is still one slice of life so truthful how much complex. The reason was expected, but the event, no.

Royal Family, unprecedented violence freezes the subjects

The source that would reveal what happened would be the autobiographical book Of Harry former Duke of Sussex, Spare, that is, the spare wheel is the main theme of the text. The volume has not yet been published, from January 10 it will be available for purchase and for all to see. But there would already be recordings Of an interview of the former second-born Prince promoting the book and his word which will air on 8 January. The interview was granted for ITV Newsto the reporter Ten Tom Bradbybut not only.

TO tell the event in detail is the The Guardian that he would have obtained a copy of the book in advance, in which the unfortunate fact is reported.

Royal Family truth quarrel
Royal Family quarrel (Credits: @royalfamilysupporters @harry_meghan_updates)- Sologossip

Protagonists of the story William and Harry. Elder brother and heir to the throne and the younger, the so-called “spare wheel” for how he felt all these years. He would tell it in the autobiographical book, letting himself go not only to bad moods, but to unprecedented details on the royal family. The love for the mother who died Diana in the 1997 accident and for the grandmother who passed away last year, the late Queen Elizabeth II, is strongly felt and communicated, but the rest is surrounded by so much anger and malaise.

The place of the event according to the source would be the Nottingham Cottages, and that’s where William it would have relieved by the collar of the jacket the brother, throwing him landed on the dog bowl. Harry Yes is cut and has carried for a long time i signs. Meghan it’s the reason everything would have clicked.

According to The Guardian and from what was read from the copy obtained in advance, William he would judge how “rude, difficult and abrasive” sister-in-law, ed Harry he would have replied that the major perfectly embodies the “Heir Toxicity”and that have always made him feel like the spare wheel.

After the violent gesture of his brother this would have exhorted Harry to fight back as they did when they were young, but the minor only cashed in. William walks away, then returns with repentant air telling the brother of don’t tell what happened to Meghan. She fulfilled his wish until she saw the marks on her back herself, it was inevitable. Meghan she didn’t get angry, but she wasn’t upset either: she expected it.

Why spare wheel? According to the aristocratic dictates it is said that the first son is the one of fortune and heir, while the second one reserves it. Harry would confirm this unfortunate saying in his father’s words at his birth: