Royal Family, Meghan Markle twist: no one expected it

Royal Family, the news arrives regarding Meghan Markle: this nobody expected it.

The disappearance of Queen Elizabeth has taken the world by surprise. September 8, 2022 will be remembered forever by everyone. Before the announcement of her death, the news had spread that the sovereign was not well and all the other information had gone out on all the English news.

Meghan Markle, decision (credits: youtube)

Since then, only the Queen’s health has been talked about. In the late afternoon we learned of the loss of her. Her funeral was held on the 10th day and thousands of people came to give her a last farewell. She even before she had made smile the photo in which they were together Meghan and Harry with William and Kate. They appeared in the crowd to greet and leave a few words. They hadn’t seen each other together for some time after what happened.

Harry and Meghan long ago left the royal house to live far away, refusing financial support in order to be independent. The interview with Oprah Winfrey had everyone blown away. Those statements were like a bolt from the blue, like the fact that, according to the actress, the royal house was interested in the skin color of her son, her firstborn. After the interview, relationships became increasingly strained and the distance was well known to anyone. In the last few days, new news has arrived that it’s about Megan Markle firsthand: here’s what happened.

Meghan Markle and the Royal Family, twist: no one expected this

The news that arrived spread after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. It’s about Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex allegedly made a totally unexpected gesture towards the royal family. Apparently, as reported by Neil Sean, a correspondent for Nbc News and MSNBC, who cited someone close to Harry’s wife, Meghan would have made a specific request, she would like to have a personal audience with King Charles.

But what would be the reason that would have prompted the Duchess to make such a proposal? It would seem that she wishes she could explain what led her and Harry to break away from the family and make the decisions that have come in the last couple of years.

royal family meghan markle
Royal Family, news (credits: youtube)

At the moment we do not know if this hearing has already taken place or will be. According to reports from the tabloids, the sovereign has already made an unsettling decision for Meghan and Harry. It would seem that he took away from his children the title of his Royal Highness and the associated privileges. As reported by The Sun, this gesture would have opened a strong discussion between the couple and King Charles. Indiscretions that do not seem to lead to a moment of rapprochement. Maybe Meghan, in this hearing, wants to try to close the distance or even cancel it.