Royal Family, William and Kate: Incredible news regarding their son George

Attentive and present parents with their little babies, William and Kate have made a surprising decision regarding their son George.

Admired and loved by much of the world, William and Kate they are an example of young parents, modern but careful to follow their children with great care. Despite being members of the Royal Familythe Dukes of Cambridge have always tried to make their children feel as similar to others as possible.

William and Kate, unexpected decision on their son George (Credits: Instagram)

Proof of this is the severity that Kate uses when it is necessary to instill very specific rules in the little ones that, according to their mother, they must follow just like all their peers. We told you some time ago about the behavior that the Duchess usually adopts when George, Charlotte and Louis raise their voices too much in arguing with each other: in fact, William’s wife proves to be an intelligent woman and who knows how important it is to establish principles since since he was little.

Now that the three little princes are also on vacation from school, William and his wife have left everyone in awe with a truly incredible decision. It’s about their eldest son George. The future king of the United Kingdom is only 9 years old, but his mother and father intend to help him mature as soon as possible. Do you want to know how?

William and Kate, the decision on their son George displaces everyone: what the prince will have to do

Looking forward to leaving Kensington Palace in September and moving out of London, most likely in the “Forgotten Castle”, the beloved family is spending these summer holidays on the country estate of Anmer Hall. Well, this is where little George will have duties to fulfill.

As revealed by his mother, in fact, the prince will have to work in the countryside all summer. He will take care of the animals and live the experience as an ordinary child and not as a noble. Obviously, his siblings will be able to help him and for them it will surely be a joy since they love being in the middle of nature.

Meanwhile, the couple of dukes are preparing for the new life they will begin outside the capital: in this way they will also be able to get close to her parents and, above all, relieve Kate from the ‘burden’ of living in Kensington Palace. According to rumors, in fact, it seems that for her living there is a real torture. She wouldn’t feel free to do next to nothing as she might get some breathing room by moving away from London.

William and Kate son George
William and Kate: the news about their son George surprises everyone (Credits: Instagram)

What do you think of the choice to have little George work? Do you agree with the idea that children must be empowered as soon as possible even when it comes to the future ruler of Great Britain?