Royal Family, William and Kate’s children call it Camilla: she reveals it herself

Becoming Queen consort after the death of Elizabeth II, Camilla recounted what the children of William and Kate call her.

Next to King Charles III for many years now, Camilla Shand she was the most talked about woman by the British people who took a long time to accept her alongside the future ruler of the United Kingdom. The memory and the sad story of Lady Diana they were, are and will always remain too vivid in the collective memory to ensure that the woman who had always been loved by Carlo could have her way smoothed in the hearts of her subjects.

Camilla queen children (Credits: Instagram)

Yet, amid a thousand difficulties and vicissitudes, the former Duchess of Cornwall has gradually managed to soften more and more the armor of prejudice. After years and years of criticism and distrust, she has become for most of her people an important figure worthy of admiration and respect.

The fact that in recent years he has also conquered the deceased Queen Elizabeth it has certainly contributed to the UK and the rest of the world looking at it with different eyes. As we know, it was the mother of King Charles who arranged for Camilla, as the wife of the heir to the throne, to become Queen consort. The clearest proof of the esteem and trust that bound the two most important women in the life of the current sovereign.

Since the King’s second wife joined the Royal Family, some have wondered what kind of relationship there is between her and her husband’s grandchildren, George, Charlotte and Louis. William and Kate’s children they never met their real paternal grandmother, who died many years before their birth while Camilla is in effect a consolidated presence in their life. Have you ever wondered what the Royal baby?

How the sons William and Kate address Camilla: revealed what they call the Queen consort

It was the same wife of King Charles III to tell the Daily Mail the curious background on the princes of Wales. The children were told that their real grandmothers are Kate’s mother, William’s mother, but for them Camilla is also a sort of ‘grandmother’.

“For them I am Gaga: nothing to do with the singer, of course,” said the person concerned. With evident affection and tenderness for the children, she then added: “Actually I don’t know if they call me that because they really think I’m a bit crazy, but I like it a lot: I find it funny, especially very sweet”.

Most likely, the choice of this nickname derives from the fact that when George was little and later his siblings also called great-grandmother Elizabeth “Gan Gan” because they could not correctly pronounce the word “Big Ma”, that is “grandmother”.

Camilla and the children of William and Kate
Camilla Royal Family (Credits: Instagram)

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