Royal Navy nuclear submarine, accident prevented in the Atlantic

A serious malfunction has been reported aboard a British Royal Navy nuclear submarine. The accident, which he wrote about The Sun, could have led to dramatic consequences if the crew had not detected the malfunction in time. It happened, reports the BBC, over a year ago in the Atlantic Ocean.

The accident

Due to a malfunction of the on-board instrumentation, the submerged submarine had reached a greater depth than expected by the crew, and continued to sink. Fortunately, before it reached the danger zone beyond which the pressure exerted by the water would have become unsustainable, the engineers on board realized the real depth at which the Vanguard submarine was sailing and raised the alarm. According to a source cited by Sun“It’s not the engineers’ job to check the depth of the submarine, but they saw how deep they were and knew something was wrong.”

The submarine

The Royal Navy has opened an internal investigation into the incident, the BBC reports. Vanguard submarines, which carry Trident nuclear missiles, typically have a crew of 132 on board.