Rsa Milano fire, the call to 112: “There is crazy smoke”

6 dead and 81 injured in the fire

”I am the operator of the rest home for spouses in via dei Cinquecento 19. A guest called me and told me there was smoke. I went upstairs to see and there really is a big smoke”. It is the call made to the single emergency number 112 by an operator of the Casa per Coniugi structure in Milan where a fire broke out in the night between Thursday and Friday, killing six people and injuring 81. When the operator asks if anyone is injured, the woman replies: ”No, but come right away, there is crazy smoke”.

After switching to the second operator, the women answered the questions: ”A guest called me that there is smoke and then I went to the first floor to understand and I saw that a lot of smoke was coming out of the room, then I went down to reception and I called the nurse to go and see and he told me to call 115 immediately”. Then the operator asks how many people are staying in the structure: ”There are many people on the floor – the woman replies – in the room where so much smoke comes out there are two people”. Finally the operator asks if people are enticed and if they are able to get out the operator says: ”I don’t know”.