r()t()nda by thasup and Tiziano Ferro conquers the radios and appears in both albums

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It took the artist formerly known as The Supreme for put in mouth a Tiziano Ferro verses like “No props ai fake bro” and “Non stoppo sto joint”. One of the most interesting and unexpected duets in the career of both artists can be found in the tracklist of the two new albums by Ferro e Thasupwho have decided to enter their own r()t()nda in their latest works [email protected]++ere [email protected] and The world is Ours.

Many say “I can’t explain it” (this combination)

Fans (and radios) seem to have appreciated this peculiar artistic encounter that almost appears to be a generational crash between an ambassador of Generation Z and a favorite son of that musical period between the 90s and 2000s. Tiziano Ferro is very much at ease in Thasup’s world, perhaps more than would have appeared legitimate especially to commentators who have forgotten his beginnings. On the other hand, is the singer-songwriter from Latina so far from the young Davide Mattei? Maybe not, if you think of songs like Xdono and Xverse (which also anticipated a typical Thasup quirk in the graphic rendering of the title) or Relative red, which showed a certain cryptic nature in that refrain with a meaning open to interpretations (“Yours is a relative red without stain of love. But now it will sing inside you for the great loneliness”). Now it would be too brave to go so far as to say that if Tiziano Ferro came out today he would be a kind of Thasup (and vice versa) but Ferro certainly demonstrates with this feauturing that he is still an artist capable of opening up to the new, without disdaining unpredictable moves such as the latest collaborations with the Roman rapper or with Ambra Angiolini.


Tiziano Ferro, like the rotunda of the piece, has no edges and his soft voice fits well on every beat. Thasup was good at understanding it and put his classic almost “rubbery” sound at the service of the author of I’ll take a picture of you, who has almost transformed with his voice those words so difficult to understand for many in trills with a gospel flavor. But it is not only the Latin interpreter who tries to adapt to a new musical universe: Thasup too with pieces like this (or the previous THE RIGHT DIRECTION signed together with Neffa), looks for references in Italian music and approaches the song form sensibly. He is no longer just a rapper but a fluid artist, who uses tools when needed and moves his artistic project poised between mobile boundaries that he partly built for himself. The collaboration behind r()t()nda it was born from a virtual exchange but this doesn’t seem like a limit, but rather a natural evolution of things in the ambit of a music that is born, fluctuates and largely promoted through the computer instrument. Even the text arises from this humus, speaking of ethereal and difficult to read relationships that cause the proliferation of “fake bros” to whom “no proprs” must be guaranteed. r()t()nda born from the encounter between two solitudes, it tells of paranoia and the tendency to think too much, to brood and often macerate in front of a screen. Tiziano Ferro with this piece continues his rapprochement with the urban world, in which he had taken his first steps thanks to Undertone. The latter in the Nineties brought a different sound from that of the bulk of the Italian hip-hop scene of the period, dirtying the beats with soul and r&b suggestions. A courageous step forward more or less like the one Thasup is taking today, which innovates by proposing an unprecedented mix of ingredients. The Supreme is an alien on the planet of local music, an almost faceless freak, and that’s fine with him. It’s all part of his [email protected]++ere [email protected] which also makes Tiziano Ferro say “The world is Ours”, at least for a while longer.