Rubén Blades and his Salswing Tour! With Roberto Delgado Big Band, it will be presented in Chile this June 2

The multifaceted Panamanian musician, actor and activist, ruben blades will present his SALSWING TOUR!Next to the robert delgado and Orchestra, from Panama, on June 2, at the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile.

The Latin American music legend will celebrate his more than 50 years of musical career with the Chilean public, with a unique proposal that will include his usual hits and songs from his award-winning production SALSWING! and what gives his Salswing Tour its name! which began in 2021 in the United States, continued in 2022 in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Catalonia and Panama, with absolute success, the show was acclaimed by the public, with full stages and with the favor of critics.

After the end of the production of the TV series, “Fear the Walking Dead”, where he starred in one of the main roles during the 8 interrupted seasons of the series, Rubén Blades resumes touring in 2023, with his Salswing Tour!, taking his musical repertoire to Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, ​​the Pyrenees, Madrid, Jerez de la Frontera, Marbella, Cartagena, La Coruña, Tenerife, Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Houston, Orlando and Mexico, Mexico City, Santo Domingo, Quito, Guayaquil and Lima.

Distinguished as ¨Person of the Year 2021¨ and winner of ¨Best Album of the Year¨ and ¨Best Salsa Album¨, in the same year’s edition of the Latin Grammy Awards. This production was also recognized in 2022 as the best salsa album in the US version of the Grammy Awards.
It should be noted that in 2020, Blades was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain and in 2021 with the Medal of Arts awarded by Harvard University (being the first artist from Latin to receive it).

Rubén Blades is a multifaceted artist who has transcended beyond music, as a film and series actor, as a writer, as a political activist and serving as a public servant in the position of Minister of Tourism of Panama (between 2004 and 2009).
His writings and opinion articles, ¨Apuntes desde la Esquina¨ and ¨Diario de la Peste¨ published on his website, are and have been commented on and reproduced in different media and by international journalistic agencies.

With 22 Grammy Awards (11 Latin Grammys and 11 Anglo Grammys) and more than 50 albums released that have left an indelible mark on the history of music, ¨El poeta de salsa¨ will be presented accompanied by the Roberto Delgado Big Band made up of de 20 incredible Panamanian musicians, who since 2010 have been accompanying Rubén Blades in the most prestigious festivals and venues around the world:


  • Roberto DELGADO, Musical Direction, Arrangements, Bass and Choirs
  • Juan BERNA, Piano
  • Luis Enrique BECERRA, Keyboards, Choirs
  • Ademír BERROCAL, Timbales and Choirs
  • José Ramón GUERRA, Congas, Choirs
  • Raúl RIVERA, Bongos and bell
  • Daniel JIMENEZ-BLOISE, Drums
  • Juan Carlos LOPEZ, 1st. Trumpet
  • Alejandro CASTILLO, 2nd. Trumpet
  • Francisco DELVECCHIO, 1st. Trombone
  • Idigoras BETHANCOURT, 2nd. Trombone
  • NUÑEZ Avenue, 3rd. Trombone
  • Carlos UBARTE, Baritone and Soprano Sax
  • Carlos AGRAZAL, 1st. Tall sax
  • Miguel ARAUZ, 2nd. Tall sax
  • Luis Carlos PEREZ, 1st. Tenor sax
  • Iván NAVARRO, 2nd Tenor Sax
  • Higinio FLORES, 4th. Trombone
  • Roberto RUIZ, 3rd. Trumpet
  • Emmaus MONTERO, 4th. trumpet

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