Ruberti: ‘audio? They are killing me, I only defended institutions’

“It is enough to listen to the entire audio to understand that I have defended the institutions and I have not fallen into provocation. I am thrilled with what is being done to me. It is not fair, they are massacring me”. Talking to Adnkronos is Albino Ruberti, then former head of cabinet of the president of the Lazio Region, in relation to a new audio broadcast on the net that sees him discussing with Sergio Mondin, owner of EcoTech, a company which had been commissioned to create 4 million of masks never arrived. In September 2021, the contract now terminated, Ruberti, Rodolfo Murra of the regional lawyer, two collaborators, Sergio Mondin, of EcoTech, and his lawyer Giorgio Quadri meet at the regional headquarters. The institution wants back the 2 million euros advanced, the tones are raised. And it is here that the former head of cabinet first of Zingaretti and then of Gualtieri returns to be talked about, for the tones used after those of the Frosinone dinner.

This time, however, as he himself points out to Adnkronos, to defend the institution he represented and which in some way would have to get back the money for a product commissioned and never received. “The phrase of the hands on him says Mondin that provoked me – explains Ruberti – He began by saying ‘be ashamed'”. And in the audio, in fact, he can be heard saying ‘the next time he raises his voice, I will make the public force come’, before accompanying the interlocutors to the door. ‘Call her’, Mondin replies, who then provocatively invites Ruberti to ‘put his hands on him’. The meeting is now over, but the discussion continues with Ruberti who calls the interlocutors “scammers” and brusquely invites them to leave “in a hurry”.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)