Ruby case, former Morocco minister arrested who declared he was of age

The former Minister of the Civil Service of Morocco and deputy Mohamed Mobdii was arrested who in 2014 declared that Karima El Mahroug, the Moroccan girl known as ‘Ruby’, involved in the investigation which saw Silvio Berlusconi convicted in the first instance, would be she was already of age in February 2010, when she attended the Knight. Mobdii said he signed Ruby’s birth certificate himself when she was a member of parliament for Al Fakih Bensalih constituency, where she was born and where her family lived.

Based on an order issued by the Casablanca Court of Appeal, Mobdii was arrested in front of his home in Rabat. The charges against him, as Maghreb Magazine writes, are of squandering public funds, abuse of power, corruption and forgery of commercial and official documents. The former minister was taken by the police to Akasha prison. According to Hespress sources, the disputed crimes mainly concern when Mobdii was president of the municipal council of the city of Faqih Bensalah, since 2005. The Casablanca prosecutor’s investigation concerns funds for the expansion of the urban area, for which they have been spent millions of dirhams, even for personal benefits.

The defendant denies all the allegations, starting from a complaint filed against him by the regional branch of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Funds in the Casablanca authorities. They accuse him of squandering public funds, illicit enrichment and violation of the Public Transactions Act, manipulation of transactions, payment of dues for unfinished work and the diverting of some transactions to some companies.

Mobdii meanwhile resigned from the chairmanship of the House Justice, Legislation and Human Rights Committee. He also presented medical records which attest to his hospitalization in a military hospital and advise him to rest for at least 15 days.