Ruby ter, Conte: “Never wished to condemn Berlusconi. Commission? Inappropriate”

“What I am suggesting is, rather, an inquiry into public ethics”

“I do not wish anyone and we never hope for a criminal conviction for people, much less for a political opponent. However, I have seen demonstrations of great jubilation in the Chamber by the majority parliamentarians. Here I would distance myself, because the behaviors alleged in the In any case, the trial does not seem edifying to me. On this I take a clear distance, because the behaviors ascertained during the trial, even if after this first instance not criminally relevant, do not seem edifying to me, from an ethical point of view and such as to arouse all this enthusiasm”. As the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conteintercepted by Adnkronos near Montecitorio, comments on the acquittal of Silvio Berlusconi from the charge of corruption in judicial proceedings in the Milanese trial on the Ruby ter case.

“Someone today evoked, completely inopportunely, the establishment of a commission of inquiry, but today’s sentence – remarked the former prime minister – confirms that our judicial system offers adequate guarantees capable of preventing the much feared use politician of the judiciary. What I suggest is, rather, an inquiry into public ethics”.