Ruby ter, judge: no acquittal for former olgettine

They are accused of perjury. The college has decided that the process continues for everyone

The Milan court rejected the request by which 18 defendants sought acquittal from the Milanese Ruby ter trial. These are in particular former Olgettines, accused of perjury in the proceedings involving former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The panel, chaired by judge Marco Tremolada, rejected the petition presented by the lawyer Paolo Siniscalchi, defender of the former Olgettina Barbara Fagioli.

The lawyer argued not to have to proceed after the order of the court of Milan which declares “the usability of witness statements” made in the first two proceedings by the young women including Karima El Mahroug herself. The college that decided that the process continues for everyone is of a different opinion.

“Taking into account the advanced but not completed state of the investigation, the evidence requirements do not exist” to apply the required rule, for this reason the request presented by the lawyer Siniscalchi is “rejected”, this is the motivation of the Milan judges.

“It is an ordinance that does not change by one iota” the status of the trial as opposed to “the significant scope of the ordinance (of last November 3, ed) pronounced by the court” commented Federico Cecconi, Silvio Berlusconi’s defender.

“The court said that considering the advanced state of the trial – therefore for reasons of procedural economy – and then because Article 129 has absolutely specific and specific legal prerequisites, it declares to proceed further, but does not enter into the merits if the false testimony exists or not “. This ordinance “does not make the court incompatible, on the contrary, paradoxically it excludes at the root what was a concern raised by the prosecutor itself. The court has no form of embarrassment in having to jointly evaluate the various hypotheses of crime that are the subject of this trial”.

We are therefore back in the courtroom next January 19 with the defense texts of the Forza Italia leader. “With our witnesses we are in a position to be able to clarify even better what has already emerged with the examination of the witnesses of the prosecutor’s office. I am confident in being able to demonstrate the non-existence in fact and in law of the accusations against Berlusconi”, concludes the lawyer Cecconi.