Rude to Morgan: ”Mouse is not an offense, from there Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse”

”Da quarrel never heard from again. An advice? Must not break ic….!”

New twists in the chat ‘Sgarbistan’ex ‘Renaissance and dissolution’, the latter ‘dissolved’ by Morgan when the singer started deleting the members of the chat created by the ‘random’ Undersecretary for Culture‘wrong’ of not having defended him in the affair of the ”’restoration of the tapes of Tenco”, said the singer yesterday in an interview with ‘The print’. In the article morgan he claims to have asked for support from the members in the chat for the dissemination of a press release ”signed by all and whoever does not agree should say so. But they rebelled against me and at that point I kicked them out because that’s my home”, Morgan told ‘La Stampa’. At that point Rude, irritated by the behavior of the songwriter, ”we are not in Iran”he had stated in the chat, threw him out of ‘Renaissance and dissolution’ and Morgan offended, in another chat he created, ‘Mystery of culture’, had published a screenshot of his private conversation with the undersecretary, where this the last one gave him some ”mouse”asking for solidarity with his followers.

”Mouse it’s not an offense – says Sgarbi to Adnkronos – from there comes Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse”. And on the Tenco case he underlines: ”I confirm my esteem for the heirs Tenco. I don’t understand the meaning of controversy”. In the interview with ‘La Stampa’ Morgan claims that the Undersecretary of Culture calls him every day ”but I don’t trust him because he stab friends”, he said, (a probable reference also to the non-appointment a music consultant of the Ministry of Culture?): “The task of the Venice – replies Sgarbi – it was a choice of the minister and it is a consultancy, not an operational assignment. I can’t promise what I don’t have”. Sgarbi also claims not to have ”never heard from” Morgan from the day after the quarrel: “Once he tried to call me – he says – I called him back but the phone was disconnected. I I did not stab or use anyone – he reiterates – I don’t know what he’s talking about. I was rightly generous to him because he is a talented man and now stop, there is no more matter if not the troubles of the young Morgan”. What advice would you give to Morgan? “That of not breaking the c…… the”, concludes Sgarbi bluntly.

(by Alisa Toaff)