Rudy Zerbi: “Now we are close friends”, have you ever seen his ex-wife?

Have you ever seen Rudy Zerbi’s ex-wife? On Instagram, a completely new shot appears: who is the mother of his first two children.

If the large audience of Tu si que vales rejoiced at the reconfirmation of Sabrina Ferilli as the head of the popular jury, they could not help but have the same reaction when they learned that, once again, even Rudy Zerbi will comment on the performances of the talents of the program.

Who is the ex-wife. Credits: Instagram

In the company of Gerry Scotti, Maria De Filippi and Teo Mammuccari, Rudy Zerbi will also be seated on the ‘famous’ black armchairs to comment and judge all the performances that will alternate on the stage of Tu si que vales. What will happen this year? The hostess has revealed a crazy background, but to find out more we just have to follow the appointments that will alternate every Saturday evening until the first half of December.

Waiting for the debut tonight, we ask you a question: have you ever seen the ex-wife from Rudy Zerbi? We know very well that the ‘feared’ judge of Tu si que vales has four children with three different companions, but was married only once. We know very little about his marriage, its duration and the reason that led them to separate, but what we need to know is that his first two children were born from this union. Curious about who their mother is? “We are best friends”, reads a social caption accompanying a photo that portrays them together. Here she is.

Who is Rudy Zerbi’s ex-wife?

A very demanding working year is about to begin for Rudy Zerbi. After the well-deserved vacation, the dreaded judge of Canale 5 not only returns to the small screen with Tu si que vales – the first episode of this edition is scheduled for tonight – but also with Amici. Once again, therefore, the former producer is confirmed among the ‘right shoulders’ of Maria De Filippi, ready to entertain his audience with all the sympathy of her.

Very active on his official social channel, Rudy Zerbi he always knows how to interact with his audience. And so, among the different shots we tracked down this summer, we couldn’t help but notice a photo that portrays him together with his ex wife, as well as the mother of her two children. We don’t know why their marriage ended, but it would seem that they still have a special relationship now. Her name is Simona and, unfortunately, we have very little information about her. One thing, however, is certain: it is splendid!

rudy zerbi ex wife
Zerbi and his ex-wife. Credits: instagram

From their union, as we said, two children were born and it is for them that Simona and Rudy continue to have an impressive relationship today. “We are proud parents of two wonderful kids”, reads the caption written in support of the photo.