Rugby, Bigi: “Winning against Uruguay, Italy cannot hide”

“Six Nations? Pressure inevitable, but the way has been dictated”

“We have to grow, Saturday is a game that we have to win, we can’t hide behind a finger“. These are the words of Luca Bigi hooker of the Azzurri national rugby team and of the Zebras, at Adnkronos, on Saturday’s match against Uruguay for the Autumn Nations Series. “The game with the All Blacks was the first in a long time, we approached it with a mentality very focused on our performance and not stressed by having to go out with a useful result. Beyond the result, goals have arrived that we could avoid, but on the pitch we saw an active, proactive team, with a good defense, energetic and ready “, added the blue, speaking of the performance with the All Blacks.

“The week against Argentina was special, linked to many ailments and to the previous match where we were aware that we could play an important chance. We prepared the game to the best of our ability, Argentina came to win, we were unable to counter their game plan. It was a fairly linear game, we had control of some situations where we could catch up with the score a bit, but the goal around 60 ‘broke our legs and from there it was a containment. This defeat did not demoralize us too much but the aspects that had distinguished our performance against the All Blacks were not able to reproduce them with Argentina. Now focusing on what will be the goal of this week from which we cannot hide, it is the victory against Uruguay and we are training to achieve this victory, respecting the opponent but focusing on what our process will be ” added Bigi.

“Uruguay have not played so much together in the last month and a half but have snatched access to the World Cup from the USA, and in the 2019 World Cup they lost a little to Wales, beat Fiji, internationally He is saying his. He has players who play in the American and French leagues. Our strength must be consistency in the static phases, give clean balls to our backs, who have the qualities to beat men one on one and be disciplined “.

On the match against Argentina and in view of the one against Uruguay, the blues have to understand how “to find adaptations on the pitch, often a match is prepared and then after 10 minutes you have to have a plan B or adapt your game plan in based on your qualities. On Saturday Argentina kicked a lot, we did too, we had difficulties in the aerial contest, we could keep more possession. The physical commitment in stopping the Argentine charges allowed them to find more space . We have found a very physical forward package, in some situations we have contained them very well, in others they have found the spaces “, explained Bigi, underlining that “We were frustrated not to repeat ourselves with that brilliance we had with the All Blacks. There was a lot of frustration, the team suffered this defeat emotionally because we had different expectations. But it was more linked to our growth process, we didn’t want to get off the performance we had with the All Blacks, but with Argentina we probably took a half step back and now we have a great opportunity to exploit at home against a team within our reach. we are not underestimating them but we are concentrating on our work “.

The impact of the new blue captain, Michele Lamaro, was also very positive. “Michele has an undisputed natural leadership, on the pitch there are many things to think about, your job, the role, the defense and also the ability of senior players to collaborate with him is fundamental. There is a group supporting him, there is synergy, it is a growth process that we systematically try to heal, and I believe this gives him a lot of support. We are very happy with the impact he has had on the team. “

Bigi also looks forward, with commitments with his team and the next Six Nations. “Soon there is a Christmas period with the European cups with Treviso that must continue its growth trend and the Zebras that must score points. Then there will be the Six Nations, a very different tournament from the one we are facing right now. Failed results are a problem we have been living with for some time, it is an inevitable pressure, but the road has been dictated, the importance of the franchises is clear, the desire to consider the Top 10 as a high level to train athletes who can contribute, the National A. We must start putting positive flags. National A beat Uruguay and Spain, two very important results. It will not be the same Uruguay that we will face next Saturday, there are 5-6 players who will integrate it, but our National A has made a good result, not at all obvious and it was also a source of pride for us “, concluded the blue.