“Rules Without Meaning”: Demi Moore breaks down yet another stereotype about advancing age

Interviewed by People, Demi Moore lashes out against age conventions and tackles an issue that also concerns her firsthand.

In her long and rich career as an actress, Demi Moore has fallen into the most disparate roles and often, in order to interpret them in the best possible way, has also had to make changes to the look. Usually it is the hair that most characterizes a character and it is no coincidence that in many of her films we have seen her with different hairstyles and hair colors.

Demi Moore, shock statements (Credits: Instagram)

Everyone remembers her for example with the very short cut and the bangs in the film that consecrated her in the firmament of Hollywood stars or Ghost; but she stayed just as etched in our minds when she shaved to scratch to star in Soldier Jane. Or with the smooth yoke in Indecent Proposal. Until the last few years in which we have even seen her in a blonde version in the NBC series, The new world.

In short, the talented actress from New Mexico has really left no stone unturned regarding her hair. For some years, however, she has said enough to change and she always wears them the same way, that is, smooth and very long. In the interview released about a month ago a People, she admitted that today she thinks she would no longer be willing to cut them to work on the set. “I think now that I’ve grown up, I have nothing to prove. So if they really need my hair to be different, they can give me a wig, ”she says.

Demi Moore, “I was impressed”: the actress defies age-related taboos

To the famous magazine, the diva explained that she feels perfectly at ease with her current image. And she couldn’t be otherwise, since she recently showed up on social media in a bikini showing off a stunning physique at 59! Not only that: Demetria (this is her real name) was also the testimonial of a brand of swimwear designed by her. The models are perfectly suited to women of all ages and any body based on a principle in which she firmly believes: “We do not become less desirable as we age”.

Regarding her now iconic long hair, the actress has very clear ideas. She knows well that not everyone shares her choice of hers, so much so that someone has criticized her arguing that after the age of 50 a short cut would be more suitable. But Demi Moore disagrees with this theory at all: “I remember hearing someone say that as women get older, they shouldn’t have long hair. And this way of thinking has impressed me ”, she tells a People.

Proving that she is not a slave to other people’s judgments, Moore was very clear in expressing her position: “I don’t feel comfortable with rules that don’t seem to have any real meaning or justification.”

Demi Moore
Demi Moore displaces everyone (Credits: Instagram)

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