Rumors grow: Is it true that Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony are on the brink of divorce?

Since their relationship became public, Nadia Ferreira and Mark Anthony They have been the center of attention for many fans of the salsa singer and the Paraguayan model. After having kept their romance private, the couple married in an intimate ceremony last January, which was attended by international personalities, becoming a viral event on social networks.

But now, rumors of a possible breakup have started to surface in the media. According to the show host gossip not like, Javier Cerianithe couple would be separated and their marriage would have been forced due to Ferreira’s sudden pregnancy.

Despite the fact that the model announced her happiness on the arrival of the baby on Instagram, the rumors continue to grow. Ceriani claimed that Marc Anthony would not be interested in continuing the relationship and that they married for convenience. “He wants to take her away from her, obviously they got married because she is pregnant and he has no problem paying so much money until she gets another man,” the journalist said.

In addition, reference has been made to a possible prenuptial agreement that the couple would have signed if they separated. The brothers and advisers of Mark Anthony They would have convinced him to sign the document, which stipulates that the singer must pay Ferreira $25,000 a month until she confirms that they are in a formal relationship or remarries.

But what would have led to the possible separation of the couple? Recently, a psychic known as Viera Vidente claimed in a video that Marc Anthony would be unfaithful to Ferreira with another woman with fair skin and dark blonde hair. In addition, the seer suggested that Nadia Ferreira would be more interested in the singer’s fortune than in her love.