Rumors of infidelity between China Suárez and Rusherking explode and set off the alarms

The china suarez Y rusherking They have been together for 6 months. They can be seen very much in love as teenagers. However, suspicions about their possible separation are never lacking. In the last few hours, a Twitter user alarmed everyone with the possibility that the happy couple would quickly come to an end.

Rusher at the Latin Grammys. Source: Instagram @rusherking

On twitter they noticed that between the china and rusher, it had been 5 days since his posts were liked. 5 days that coincidentally coincide with the time that Rusher spent Las Vegas, for the Latin Grammys. In that city in the United States, Rusher coincided in the same hotel as María Becerra.

Maria Becerra at the Latin Grammys. Source: Instagram @mariabecerra.

So, everything agrees, at least rusher and Maria crossed paths that night. They have been living an intense courtship for 6 months. The couple spends time together and even often takes trips in which they mix their work commitments with romantic outings. But in the last few hours, rumors of a crisis that linked the ragpicker with María Becerra emerged.

The Chinese family. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa.

And although many users assumed that China found out about a possible infidelity and left Rusher, she herself took it upon herself to deny it on her Instagram. The actress and brand new singer, who recently premiered a cumbia with El Polaco, uploaded a photo of her with all her family In it you can see the brother of Eugenia Suarez, Agustín, and the rest of the family, and still side, China next to RusherKing embraced.

For the peace of mind of the fans, they are still together and happy. The China is having an excellent year. In addition to her romance with the singer, which she has already expressed on many occasions is her grounding cable. Eugenia made her way internationally with the series “Objects” in Spain, she was able to test herself as a model in New York, and she also traveled to Qatar to host a special on Star Plus. It was her first time as a host, and she really enjoyed it.