Runner killed by bear, parents: “No killing but justice”

Their words on the pronouncement of the Tar of Trento

“I too am against killing, however, they too put a hand on their conscience because if it happened to one of their children I don’t know what they would do. I just want justice for my son“. Franca Ghirardini, mother of Andrea Papi, the 26-year-old runner killed in Trentino by the Jj4 bear, thus comments on the news of the suspension of the bear killing order by the Trento TAR, which upheld the appeal presented by the Lav .

To the microphones of the Rai1 program ‘La Vita in Diretta’ the parents of the young man ask for justice. “He just went for a walk like all the kids do here, like all citizens, tourists, any person, you should come here in the summer to see how many thousands of people there are and they go into the woods. I don’t know the signs , where they put them, where they say they put them, we haven’t seen a single sign”, says Carlo Papi, Andrea’s father who, speaking of the possibility of forgiveness, adds: “I will try to do it but not at the moment, because we already knew what could happen, eight cases had already happened but they still weren’t enough to take action and remove the bears or, in any case, to limit them to Trentino or Val di Sole. We don’t want to shoot him down, kill him, that’s not what we want – ensures – we just want to give dignity and justice to Andrea and, in a speech that will take place in the future, to say let’s remove the bears and not just limit them to 50, because even 50 will be too many, because then they reproduce and the problem will recur. We want justice, dignity and to remember him as he was, because a boy cannot die in these conditions, he was just a boy who went for a run, nothing else ”.