Russell Crowe honorary citizen of Ascoli Piceno: the actor has origins from the Marche region

Mayor Marco Fioravanti’s announcement: “Garibaldi is also involved”

“We have awarded honorary citizenship to Russell Crowe. He is now a citizen of Ascoli Piceno.” The mayor of the Marche city, Marco Fioravanti, keeps his promise and tells Rtl102.5 something more about the relationship between Russell Crowe and Ascoli. “A search at the state archives revealed that in 1849, Luigi Ghezzi, the actor’s great-great-grandfather, purchased land in Ascoli Piceno to build a house”, continues the mayor. All true: there is a link between Russell and Italy.

The actor, on social media, spoke about one of his ancestor (named Luigi Ghezzi), who would have gone to Argentina and lost track of himself. Now an additional element emerges, which Fioravanti has discovered: in 1849, Garibaldi arrived in Ascoli Piceno, and in that year he left for Argentina. “In that same year Garibaldi came to Ascoli Piceno – says the mayor – He held a rally and then left for Argentina. Ghezzi could be one of the boys who followed Garibaldi on that journey. We have proof, from documents of the time, who was followed by a group of people.”

From what Fioravanti tells Rtl 102.5, the actor was contacted via Instagram. The mayor, however, launches an appeal to Amadeus: “I would like to hand over the keys to the city of Ascoli to Russell on the Ariston stage”. The words of Russell Crowe, who will be a guest in Sanremo, on Ascoli Piceno immediately went viral. The actor, in fact, revealed that he is linked to the Marche city through a family relationship with a great-great-grandfather (Luigi Ghezzi). Everything, today, is confirmed by mayor Fioravanti who did a search in the city archives.