Russell Crowe visiting the Uffizi with his family

“It was a splendid morning: in a couple of years I will be back again”, said the star (who had already come to the museum in 2019) at the end of the more than three-hour visit

Florentine morning full of art for the Oscar winner Russell Crowe: the star of the blockbuster “Gladiator” (recently protagonist of “The Pope’s Exorcist” in the role of Father Gabriele Amorth) has in fact spent over three hours in the Uffizi Gallery. Crowe showed up with his family at the museum very early, giving a comprehensive tour of the Renaissance masterpieces on the second floor of the Gallery, from Botticelli to Leonardo, the room of Michelangelo and Raphael. But he was enraptured above all by the new rooms of the artists’ self-portraits, opened on the first floor for just two weeks, pausing over many individual works to study their details.

The actor then greatly appreciated the archaeological exhibition dedicated to Roman finance, Pecunia non olet, allowing himself to be photographed in front of the busts (belonging to the Galleries collection) of Hadrian and Diocletian. Russell Crowe’s love for the Uffizi is now a consolidated love: “Massimo Decimo Meridio” had in fact already visited the Gallery in 2019.

“It was a splendid morning: I will be back, we will see you again in a couple of years”, Crowe greeted with a smile as he left the museum, graciously granting selfies to staff members and visitors who requested them .