Russia, a robot broke a child’s finger during a game of chess. VIDEO

A robotic arm grabs and breaks the finger of a 7-year-old child. It happened during a chess tournament, the Moscow Open, last July 19: as a video shows, you can see Christopher’s finger, this is the name of the young player, who is “pinched” by the robotic arm for several seconds before a woman followed by three men rushes to free him and take him away. “The machine played several tournaments without any accidents, this is the first one I remember,” Sergey Smagin, Vice President of the Russian Chess Federation, told the Russian online site. Baza.

The dynamics

The event was rather unusual for the organizers, who tried to avoid further harm to the child, described as one of the 30 best chess players in the Russian capital in the under-nine category. “People rushed to help and pulled his finger out, but the fracture could not be avoided,” Smagin always pointed out. The reason that led the robot to make such a gesture is not yet clear, given that it had never shown signals of this type. “There are some safety rules and the child apparently violated them. When he made his he move, he didn’t realize he had to wait for the machine to complete its move, preferring a quick response instead. The robot has performed in many openings – apparently, children need to be warned of this malfunction. A problem that can happen ”, underlined the Vice President of the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, the child’s parents contacted the Moscow prosecutor’s office in order to shed some light on the incident. “It was undoubtedly due to some kind of software error or something like that,” said a great Russian master, Sergey Karjakin. Once his finger was cast, the young man was able to resume playing.