Russia: “Admiral Sokolov is alive”: the video of Moscow, news war with Kiev

For Ukraine, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet is dead

Admiral Viktor Sokolov, commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, was killed in Ukraine’s raid on the Sevastoboli base. Actually, no. He is alive and participates via video link, as a film would demonstrate, in the meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The war between Russia and Ukraine is also fought through the news. The last clash concerns the fate of Admiral Sokolov. For Kiev, he died in the raid a few days ago. For Moscow, he is alive and well. The evidence provided by Russia would be the video relating to the meeting chaired by Shoigu.

The details of the video

Sokolov obviously cannot be physically present at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense. There are several officers connected on video. Sokolov’s image appears repeatedly, for a few seconds each time. Typically, the wide shot places him just below the defense minister in the image on the big screen. There are also close-ups, which highlight a detail: the admiral is always still, unlike other participants in the meeting, and he does not seem to make even an imperceptible gesture. I mean, could he be a still image? Furthermore, there is no certainty about the real dating of the portion of the video which, in connection, documents the presence of Sokolov.