Russia against Twitter, Medvedev: “Work for the USA”

The ex-president irritated by the censorship

Russia versus Twitter. It is Dmitry Medvedev, vice president of the Security Council, who rails against Elon Musk’s social network. Reason: Twitter deleted a message in which Medvedev, known for his aggressive posts, openly threatened wide-ranging Russian actions against other countries. The former president and former premier, therefore, vented on Telegram, where his reflections are not limited.

“Really, we can do without Twitter. In the end, it’s just a foreign social network operating in the interests of the American establishment. We’ve only used it cynically to achieve our propaganda goals,” he said earlier. to add. “Our main goal is totally different: to inflict a devastating defeat on all enemies: the Nazis of the Ukraine, the US, their NATO minions including the cowardly Poles and other Western lice.” “We must recover all our lands, protect all our people forever. We will work hard for this”, he concludes before wishing a happy May Day.