Russia, ambassador to Rome: “Italy is indirectly at war”

“Dramatic moment for Moscow-Rome relations”

Italy participates indirectly in the war between Ukraine and Russia. For this reason, relations between Moscow and Rome “are going through a dramatic moment”. This is the position of Moscow’s ambassador to Italy, Alexey Paramonov, in an interview with the Ria Novosti agency.

Moscow: “Rome has joined all initiatives against Russia”

“Rome joined all possible anti-Russian actions: the supply of armaments and intelligence information to the Kiev regime, the spread of anti-Russian Ukrainian propaganda, and so on. And, alas, in the same way as the other members of NATO, the Italian Republic indirectly took part in the Ukrainian conflict by siding alongside Zelensky”, he says.

“In my opinion, relations between Russia and Italy are going through a dramatic moment. For a year and a half already we have been observing how Italy, subject to influences deriving from belonging to a bloc, external pressures and emotional reactions, has ended up unilaterally distancing itself from Russia”, observes the diplomat, according to whom “despite this, for For the moment Russia and Italy maintain diplomatic relations.”

“We use these channels to transmit information, official releases of various kinds, defend the interests of natural and legal persons, and to preserve even just a minimum level of interstate communication, but also to avoid dangerous misunderstandings regarding key aspects of bilateral and international relations -he adds- We must recognize that the damage caused to the relations between our two countries is enormous, but if the point of no return has not yet been reached, it is certainly not wise to remain in an unstable equilibrium”.

“Our relationships with Italian civil society, that is, with ordinary citizens who do not hold administrative positions, reassure us of the wisdom, common sense and openness of the Italian people. The majority of Italians are unequivocally in favor of of maintaining a friendly relationship with Russia”, he further states.

“They hope nothing more than that the Ukrainian conflict can end quickly, that the sanctions are withdrawn and that we can return to the constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue that existed before – he says – Many Italians, being Catholics and authentic supporters of anti-militarist positions, listen to the humanitarian and balanced vision of Pope Francis”.