Russia, billionaire Yuri Milner renounces citizenship

It is the third since February

The Russian billionaire Yuri Milner renounced citizenship. Milner himself announced it. Sixty years old, he co-founded the investment firm Dst Global, with which he initially invested in companies like Facebook.

“My family and I left Russia once and for all in 2014 after the Russian annexation of Crimea. And this summer, we formally completed the process to renounce our Russian citizenship,” wrote Milner on Twitter. assets valued at $ 7.3 billion.

Since 1999, Milner, who was born in Moscow, has an Israeli citizenship. He had first moved to Israel before moving to the United States. He is the third billionaire who has publicly announced that he has permanently cut ties with Russia after the invasion of Ukraine last February, following Ruben Vardanian, head of the investment bank Troika Dialog and Timur Turlov, founder of the company. of Freedom Finance investments.

Milner, who in 2016 had launched Alpha Centauri projects for small spacecraft and for the search for extraterrestrial life with Steven Hawking, thanks to a funding of 100 million dollars, has specified that he has not traveled to Russia since 2014, that he no longer has any economic interest in the country, that 97 percent of his assets have been created elsewhere, and that he has never met Vladimir Putin “either alone or with others”.

His non-profit Breakthrough Prize Foundation condemned the invasion of Ukraine as early as March and donated at least 11 million to help Ukrainian refugees and scientists forced to leave the country.