Russia, cameras chasing those who ‘run away’ from the army

Moscow uses facial recognition technology

The cameras installed in Moscow will find out who should enlist in Russia but try to avoid the military draft and the risk of going to fight in the war in Ukraine sooner or later. The head of military recruitment for Moscow, Maksim Loktev, said that the network of facial recognition cameras active in the capital is being used to recognize those who have been called up for military service. Loktev explained that the main reason why the recalls do not voluntarily report to the recruitment offices is that they do not live at the residence address where yet, until the full implementation of the new law which provides for the recall with a communication sent by e-mail, a written communication is delivered.

“Moscow’s monitoring system is being used to determine where those who are called up for military service actually live. At the request of the mayor of Moscow, the employers of the callees provide information about them to the military commissariats. The institutions for the ‘statements help us locate their actual residence,” he explained.