Russia-Chechnya, Kadyrov worried and Putin can up the ante: the scenario

The leader grappling with internal resistance. Moscow can take advantage of this

Ramzan Kadyrov’s demonstrative response to an attack on a police station in Chechnya shows his concern for the stability of his authoritarian rule. This was stated by analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) who are outlining a picture also linked to Russia and the war in Ukraine. The Chechen events could affect Kadyrov’s quotations in Vladimir Putin’s personal purse: if the Russian president were to consider the Chechen leader’s internal position weaker, he could take advantage of it and ask, in exchange for his support which has become even more determined, a more significant contribution – in terms of men – to the war in Ukraine.

WHAT HAPPENED – Shortly after the attackers died in the attack on the Gudermes police station, where the special forces training center is located, Kadyrov released footage in which he appears together with his 15-year-old son and Chechen officials and security services personnel. security, visiting the site of the attack and examining the mutilated bodies of the attackers.

“Kadyrov – underlines the US think tank – probably believes that the visit in which the bodies of the dead are shown should strengthen his image as a strong man and send a signal to the Chechens that any form of internal resistance to his government will be eliminated. The fact The very fact that Kadyrov’s reaction to the attack was so immediate and harsh shows that he is concerned about the potential for internal resistance in Chechnya that could undermine his authoritarian rule.”