Russia, citizen arrested at Malpensa denies ok to extradition to the US

Russian citizen Artem Uss, son of Aleksandr governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, arrested on an international arrest warrant on Monday 17 October at Malpensa airport, denied consent to extradition to the US. A no pronounced in front of the Milan judge Roberto Peroni Ranchet who identified the 40-year-old.

The entrepreneur, assisted by the lawyer Vinicio Nardo, is accused of having purchased electronic components from the United States intended to equip aircraft, radars or missiles, and of having resold them to Russian companies, evading the sanctions in force. It is suspected that the network that came under American justice’s crosshairs used the same front company to transfer hundreds of millions of barrels of Venezuelan oil to Russia and China.

Now the Italian justice will have to wait for the formal request for extradition, so that the entire documentation is transferred for a judgment on the merits. By code “within 45 days the United States is required to provide the Italian court with the file with the formulation of the charge, which must be examined within 6 months