Russia develops “super laser anti drone weapon”

“Our physicists have developed very powerful laser systems that can incinerate various objects.”

There Russia has announced that it has developed a powerful laser weapon capable of incinerating drones and aircraft. “Our physicists have developed very powerful laser systems, which can incinerate various targets, and are building them, ready for mass production,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said today, quoted by the Tass news agency, at almost three months since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

The new system has a range of 5km and can destroy drones at this height. It was tested yesterday and reduced a drone to ashes in 5 seconds, Borisov said at a conference near Moscow. The new laser weapon will now be introduced into the military “where the first prototypes are already in use,” he assured. No images have been shown of the new weapon, which is supposed to replace the more expensive anti-aircraft missiles.

Borisov finally praised another Russian laser weapon, called Peresvet, capable, he said, of blinding satellites and reconnaissance vehicles at a range of 1500 km.