Russia, Dugin’s daughter who died in an explosion in Moscow

Daria, the daughter of the pro-Putin philosopher, was in her car which exploded

Political commentator Daria Dugina, daughter of the pro-Putin Russian philosopher, Alexander Dugin, has died last night around 21.45 local in the car in which he was traveling, which exploded on the outskirts of Moscow. This was reported by the Russian state news agency Tass. Dugina was driving the vehicle, a Toyota owned by her father, when it caught fire. “She was completely on fire, she lost control because she was driving at high speed and flew to the opposite side of the road,” said Andrei Krasnov, leader of the Russky Gorizont movement and an acquaintance of the family.

Krasnov told Tass that he knew Dugina personally and that the car she was traveling in belonged to her father. “As far as I understand, the target was the father, or maybe both,” he told the Russian agency. Alexander Dugin, leader of the Eurasian Movement, is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Dugin is credited as the “spiritual guide” of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and is often referred to as “Putin’s brain”. Daughter Dugina was born in 1992 and studied philosophy at Moscow State University. Earlier this year, US and British authorities accused her of contributing to disinformation about the war in Ukraine.