Russia, explosion of bird flu cases: mayor of Moscow imposes quarantine

Explosion of cases of “highly pathogenic” avian influenza in the Russian capital. For this reason, the mayor of Moscow, Sergej Sobyanin, has imposed quarantine in 11 of the 125 districts of the city. The ordinance prohibits residents from visiting areas considered most at risk, where the flu is spreading. The restrictive measures within the affected areas, those under threat and those currently under surveillance will remain in force “until the implementation of new measures aimed at preventing the spread and eliminating the outbreak of influenza”, reads the mayor’s order.

The controls

Epidemiological surveillance services will be intensified to identify potential cases and operations related to poultry farming, such as the import and export of eggs and the slaughter of birds, which are prohibited in the quarantine areas. Since early May, twenty-two outbreaks of the bird flu virus have occurred across Russia, killing thousands of birds, the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service of Russia explained.