Russia: “Gas price roof? We will sell it elsewhere”

The spokesman of the Kremlin Peskov: “We will simply not interact with these non-market principles” with the countries that adhere to the proposal

A cap on the price of oilas proposed by the G7 states, will cause a “destabilization” of the energy markets e it will push Moscow to sell its crude oil “elsewhere”. Thus the spokesman for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskovaccording to which anti-Russian measures, or sanctions, “have led to a very deep crisis” and a situation in which Europeans “are buying, often from the United States, liquefied gas for a lot of money, completely unjustified. US companies they are getting richer while European taxpayers are getting poorer. “

Calling the idea of ​​a price cap on oil “absurd”, Peskov stressed that “Russia is evaluating all options”, evoking “alternative scenarios” for its sales. “We will simply not interact with them with these non-market principles”, explained the spokesman, referring to the countries that will adhere to the proposed cap on the price.

Answering the question of where Moscow intends to allocate the unsold oil, Peskov said: “Towards alternative directions, towards those countries that operate under market conditions”.