Russia, hunt for Jewish passengers at Dagestan airport: 60 arrests

Over 150 active participants identified

At least 60 people have been arrested in Dagestan in connection with the anti-Semitic attack that took place last night at the airport. This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Caucasian Republic, according to which “over 150 active participants were identified” in the assault and “60 of them were arrested”.

Governor Sergei Melikov condemned the assault that took place yesterday at the airport of Makhatchakala, the capital of the Muslim-majority Russian republic, by a group of violent demonstrators who were “looking for Jews” after the landing of a flight from Tel Aviv. About twenty people were injured, civilians and police officers, and about ten had to be hospitalized, according to the local Ministry of Health. Of these, two are serious.

These actions represent “a flagrant violation of the law – the governor denounced – there is no courage in waiting for unarmed people who have not done anything forbidden, there is no honor in insulting foreigners, putting your hands in their pockets and try to control their passports, there is no good intention in attacking women with children who are receiving treatment abroad.”

“All Dagestanis sympathize with the suffering of victims of the actions of unjust people and politicians and pray for peace in Palestine, but what happened at our airport is shameful and must be adequately assessed by law enforcement agencies. And this will be done,” the governor concluded in his Telegram post.