Russia, I will give mandatory ideology lessons in universities

We go back to the times of the USSR, when everyone had to study scientific communism. The Meduza website reveals the preparation of the new ‘Russian ideology’ courses for the next academic year. The project should also serve to ‘cleanse’ universities of liberal teachers

We return to the USSR, when at the university it was necessary to study “Scientific Communism”. TO

pstarting from the next academic year, courses in state ideology will be compulsory in all Russian university faculties, writes the independent site Meduza, citing two sources from the Kremlin
. The program, notes the site, will also be a way to “clean up” the universities of professors that are too ‘liberal’.

The content of the courses, modeled on the ideological lessons imposed in schools in support of the war in Ukraine, is being prepared under the supervision of Sergei Kiriyenko, first deputy chief of staff of the Kremlin. The goal is to teach students “where Russia is headed and why”. “The West is in decline, it has always hated Russia, but its time is over, while ours is a bright future. We Russians – this is the nationalist message we want to convey – have a rich history and culture. We must take advantage of this moment of crisis “.

State ideology courses will focus on Russian history, culture and foreign policy, as well as a vision for the future of Russia. The personalities involved in the preparation are all closely aligned with the Kremlin. History will be dealt with by former Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, now assistant to Russian President Vladimir Putin, a supporter of history as a propaganda tool. The “cultural code” will be developed by the director of the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, Mikhail Piotrovsky. The theme “Russia in the world” will go to the head of the Russian Council of Foreign Policy and Defense, Sergei Karaganov, while the vision of the Russian future should be entrusted to Mikhail Kovalchuk, head of the Kurchatov Institute for Nuclear Research. The whole of the new ideological curriculum will be outlined in the “Russian DNA” conference which opens today in Sochi.

Russian ideology courses will be compulsory for all years of study in the history and political science faculties, for several years in the other humanities courses, and for one year only in the science faculties. The initiative will also serve to ‘cleanse’ the universities of liberal elements. Each faculty could be required to have some sort of certificate of “Russian ideology” which, according to sources, would translate into a sort of “oath of allegiance” to the increasingly autocratic vision of the Kremlin.