Russia, its supermarket is an anti-war tazebao, indicted

The Russian activist Dmitry Skurikhin, owner of a supermarket in the town of Russko-Vysotskoye, near St. Petersburg, where he has exhibited more than 200 writings with political content since 2014, and on which, since the beginning of the war, he has painted names of the most affected Ukrainian cities, was arrested on charges of discrediting the military forces, announced Ovd-Info, the independent organization that provides assistance to victims of persecution in Russia.

It is the second time that Skurikhin, who is 47, has been charged under the law introduced immediately after the start of the war, so the case becomes criminal. On February 24, the anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he had his daughter Ulyana take a picture of him in front of her shop with a sign reading “Forgive us, Ukraine”.

The first time, he was fined 45,000 rubles after he wrote a slogan against the mobilization on the facade of the shop last September. The new arrest took place on Saturday. Yesterday a regional court sentenced him to 25 days in prison.